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Jungheinrich AG is a German company active in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. In these segments, the company is ranked in second place in Europe, and third in the world.

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Racking System

Established in 2014, OTL Systems is a leader in storage and shelving solutions. They serve a broad range of clients in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors worldwide. Initially a company manufacturing racking and shelving products, OTL Systems has grown to become a space-optimising solutions provider and boasts:

-ISO9001 Quality Management System certification
-More than 30 expert designers and engineers
-Based on European SEMA and FEM standards
-Total production capacity of 54.000 Ton per year

OTL is also an approved by Jungheinrich AG as a storage solutions partner.

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Traction Batteries

At BTSC,  we want to offer our customers the possibility to deliver small or big quantities of all types of batteries to our customers all over the world.
Thanks to this strategy we can deliver you fresh top quality batteries in a very short time at sharp prices.

  • Technical support: thanks to our technicians, we can continue to serve our customers after the sale (maintenance contracts, etc.)
  • Large stock: in our 10.000m² warehouse.
  • Different technologies: so we can offer the best solution for all applications.
  • Dedicated knowledge
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Forklift Attachments

BTSC is honored to represent BOLZONI which is well known by the world’s leading lift truck manufacturers. Many BOLZONI products are factory installed, such as forks, side shifts and fork positioners.

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Garage Equipments

Garage equipment refers to the tools, machinery, and devices used in automotive workshops or garages for various purposes, including vehicle repair, maintenance, and diagnostics.

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