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Cantilever Racking System

A standard design to keep goods accessible while fitting into frequently empty spaces, cantilever racking is a secure, accessible, and easily scalable system ideal for warehouses that store plenty of oddly shaped, long, or wide goods such as building materials. Cantilever racking systems deliver feasible solutions to suit specific storage requirements.
Meant for medium to heavy-duty applications, cantilever storage systems are typically utilised for difficult materials due to their high weight capacity and equal weight distribution. They are also great solutions for outdoor applications that require the storage of larger, longer, and bulkier items, PVC pipes, steel sheets, wooden planks, crates, and more.


  • Great for storing a myriad of large, bulky, long, and oddly shaped goods
  • Easy installation and configuration without any external bracing
  • Encourage smooth warehouse operations with an open-concept design
  • Enhances warehouse safety by offering optimum product visibility
  • Provide excellent accessibility and flexibility with a fairly simple design
Cantilever Racking System