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Drive-In Racking System

A drive-in pallet or racking system is one of the most popular storage handling techniques available for large quantities and small varieties. A great handling option for stock-keeping units (SKUs) with high volume, it’s known for being exceptionally compact while still delivering powerful storage performance. Overall, a drive-in pallet has excellent storage density and limited selectivity.
Drive-in systems are ideal for storing one type of products or goods that are not time sensitive. This is due to the fact that drive-in systems have a single entry point and apply the Last In First Out (LIFO) rotation concept.
Here, the pallets are put on a stationary parallel framework made of rails instead of carts and wheels. Until the forklift removes and moves them, these pallets stay there in a series of stand-by patterns, enabling you to keep more pallets in storage. Drive-in racks come in two varieties, which are:
  • Single access drive-in racking
  • Double access drive-in racking


  • Highly versatile and dense-oriented racking system
  • Easy access to goods, even in tight spaces
  • Great for storing a large number of one type of product (homogenous)
  • Reduce the risks of product and pallet damage
  • Reduce pick slots and increase productivity
Drive-In Racking System