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Multi-Tier Racking System

A multitier racking system is one of the many modern warehousing solutions that does not require automation to reach heights, allowing you to stack goods effectively without compromising the productivity, efficiency, or safety. Multitier racking systems are constructed independently and are not a part of the building’s integral structure.
Engineered especially to enhance picking operations, this multi-level system supports hand-loaded shelved levels and offers a dense storage capacity within a limited warehouse footprint. This system is suitable for businesses with SKUs that need to be stored and retrieved immediately, such as small goods, online eCommerce, and pick-and-pack operations.


  • Create a highly dense storage capacity within a limited
    warehouse footprint
  • Streamline access to all storage locations
  • Speed up picking operations across multiple floors
  • Suitable for businesses with a high number of SKUs
  • Eliminate the need for large handling equipment like forklifts
Multi-Tier Racking System