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Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking System

Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking systems makes the best use of available warehouse space, nearly doubling the storage capacity of pallet racking systems by minimising aisle space. With unrestricted access to pallets, VNA minimises wasted space by innovatively utilising the warehouse’s vertical height despite the compactness of the space.
The pallets are accessible via a Turret Truck, also known as a VNA Truck. The vehicle operates on the floor guided by rails or wire induction. VNA Truck is able to lift pallets up to 14 meters high, saving warehouses almost 50% of space compared to a standard reach truck.
Not only that, VNA provides 100% selectivity, as all goods (even those from elevated positions) are easily accessible. Thoroughly utilising every inch of available space, the VNA system is an ideal, custom storage option for warehouses and storage facilities with large inventories.


  • Complete and easy access to each individual pallet
  • Enhance space utilisation (more pallets, less space)
  • Lower cost per square foot or cost per pallet stored
  • Improve forklift productivity and full pallet retrieval
Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking System